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Add: No.8 Yanta Northern road Xi'An City Shaanxi China
Tel: +86-29-87851838
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Contact Person:JACK WANG
Email: sales@shinhom.com.cn
SiteUrl: http://www.shinhomtech.com
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 Shaanxi Shinhom Enterprise Co.,Ltd is one large-sized key enterprise in producing magnetic components and supplying OEM`high quality magnetics components in China ,It has been approved for the certification ISO9001&QS9000.ShinHom has grown rapidly by supplying high quality magnetic components on-time, offering competitive pricing, and providing strong customer service, It`s products can be widely used in personal computer, computer peripherals, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, elecommunication equipment ,test equipment, GPS equipment, medical appliances and cellular Phone to name just a few . It has annual capacity reaches 300 Million Pieces and has more than 10 year of experience in producing inductors & transformers,filters.

 Currently, Shinhom company main produce and supply the series fixedInductor, SMD power inductor,LANtransformer,Moden/ISDN/ADSL/T1/E1/CEPTtransformer and network filter module,SMD power tran sformer,Planar transformer etc, series ferite cores (includingUU /EE/ER/EP/PQ/RM etc.) permanent ferrite magnet /rare-earth permanent magnet/ALNiCopermanent. We would like to be your First source for magnetic components,Shinhom Electronic Co.,Ltd is one Large-sized key enterprise In addition , this subsidiary can design and manufacture custom special components.
 Such as inductors, chokes, transformers, filter, coils. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you with ShinHom products. magnet.


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Add:No.8 Yanta Northern road Xi'An City Shaanxi China  Tel:+86-29-87851838    
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